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OneConsulting focus on the positive potentials present in every company.

The purpose is always to strengthen your business in terms of processes and competitiveness.

We create fertile ground for healthy, forward-looking development in the company.

Competence within industrial areas and digital transformation.

We belive in data and facts.

Our goal is to strengthen the digital perfomance culture in small and medium sized companies.

Digital robots and data will help your company into the future.

Our Services

We help to Digitize your Business

With us you get independent advice.

We offer companies to get insight of the digital level in the company.

Most companies do not need to start the “big digital” process and spend hundred thousand of € on starting an internal project. We offer to check the main processes in the company and focus on the people and the solution that will fit to your company.


Contact us and get a technology check

Pricing from less than 1000€

We believe personal advice makes a difference

Let us work together to find a solution that can help digitize and optimize your business.

We have experiance with production data collection, Industry 4.0 implementation, digitalize the office floor - using digital robots for repeated work processes, finding new resources.


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Our partners

Electric vehicles - EV competence

We are one of the leading companies in Scandinavian for electric car battery check.

Our Professional partners will be able to help you get the health state of the battery.

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